• Are you struggling to get through the day?
  • Are you feeling down and having difficulty to get out of bed?
  • Do you find that you’ve lost interest for things that used to be important to you?
  • Do you find that you’ve tried many things, and nothing really seems to work?
  • Have you, perhaps, even had some thoughts of ending your life?

Well, thanks so much for trusting me and joining me today for this brief introduction to this next section called Depression in Adults.

Within this section, I’m going to cover a little bit of the signs and symptoms. I know I covered them a little bit in that little intro, but the signs and symptoms of depression and things for you to look for. We’re also going to talk about stigma, specifically the stigma about change. Often times, very caring family and friends will offer unsolicited advice like, just exercise more, just pull up your socks, things will get better, just sleep it off, you really need a man, you really need a woman. Often times this glib kind of advice actually perpetuates the feeling of feeling low and will lead to people having a tendency to not talk about their problems to people. More than anything, mental health, addictions, anxiety, substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, it isolates. Even though people know that by being surrounded by others would make their condition somewhat better, they also understand that with the advice that they’ve been getting, sometimes they actually leave feeling worse.

Where can we turn for help? Imagine if you were given a way, or strategies, to help you lift that cloud. Hi, I’m Gilles Brideau. I’m a hypnotherapist, coach, and psychotherapist that lives and works in Sudbury. In this section about depression, we’re going to cover those ideas a little bit more in detail. We’re also going to cover videos, like How to Be Happy … that’s not just glib advice, it’s really how to change your thinking … that, and How to Feel Great, and that’s really how to change your thinking. The approach that you may have with regards to your thinking, and how you can anchor positive states rather than negative ones. When I learned this technique, the person that was teaching it really talked about the fact that many people have what they can say a superhighway to feeling lousy, but they don’t have the same road, they have a dirt road, to feeling content, joyful, or grateful.

The average person has 22,000 thoughts per day. What if the majority of them are negative? What we do using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and there’s a video on CBT in this section, is really to change those thoughts around. I know that there’s 50, five zero, different techniques that deal specifically with anxiety and depression as it pertains to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. If you add that with coaching that I can bring into play, or hypnosis, you can really see that you’ll have a very multi-disciplinary approach to your care. That’s what I offer you. Imagine if you could lift the depression.that’s been holding you back, and how that would free you to create relationships that would be beneficial and calming to you.

Thanks so much for joining me today in this brief introduction. I invite you to peruse through this section. Hopefully you’ll find some of the videos and the information helpful in your journey to wellness. Thanks for coming today.

10 Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Hi, guys. Welcome to today’s session on “10 Signs and Symptoms of Depression”. My name is Gilles Brideau. I’m a psychotherapist, counselor, hypnotist, and coach that lives and works in Sudbury, in Northern Ontario, Canada.

One of the reasons I wanted to do this video today is to really talk about, not only the signs and symptoms of depression, but also the stigma that’s associated to depression, and ways for you to overcome it.

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Suicide and Stigma

Hi. It’s Gilles Brideau again just talking to you about suicide prevention, especially around ending stigma.

I’ve just found out recently that September is Suicide Prevention Month, and so I wanted to just make a quick video about talking about suicide and the importance of reaching out and getting people help. A lot of times, for me, in talking with my clients, it’s really ending the stigma about suicide, even in terms of having a discussion about it. In working at a collegiate level, what I’ve found was a lot of students, I would say a great percentage, probably about 25 to 30% of the student population, were having thoughts of suicide. Where a lot of them were just because of stress and what was going on in their everyday life, they just wished they wouldn’t wake up.

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Stigma…What is it?

Hi, guys, and welcome to today’s presentation. My name is Gilles Brideau. I’m a psychotherapist, hypnotist and coach that works and lives in Sudbury Ontario, Canada.

I thought I’d do a little presentation today on stigma, specifically what is it, how does it impact people, and that kind of stuff. One of the reasons I thought about doing that, and I’m going to cover that a little bit in the presentation today, was really about the language that I had heard from patients about their encounters with the medical community, and even people in general. One of the reasons that I have created this channel is to lower stigma overall in this country and globally. A lot of the videos that I put out is hopefully to help people reach out for help. I understand that could be difficult, especially because they face this topic today.

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How to Be Happy

Hi, guys, and welcome to today’s session. My name is Gilles Brideau. I’m a psychotherapist, coach and hypnotist that lives and works in Ontario, Canada.

The question I thought I’d answer today, because I get asked it, especially from new clients, is I want to be happy, or how do I get to happy, which is a really great question. We’re going to address this in a couple ways. The first is really how to set up the framework to get to happy, and the second one is a kind of daily activities that will help change your frame in which you see the world.

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How to Feel Great in Minutes

Hi and welcome to your session with Coach Gilles. My name is Gilles Brideau and I’m a psychotherapist, counselor, and coach that lives in Sudbury Ontario, Canada. Today we will be doing technical Tuesdays. On Tuesdays I will focus on a technical, a more technical issue as it pertains to counseling or coaching that hopefully will be beneficial to you and your life. Let’s dive right in.

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What is CBT?

Hi, guys and welcome to today’s session. My name is Gilles Brideau. I’m a therapist, hypnotist and coach that works in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

I thought I’d do a quick video today on what is CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It’s one of the things that I get asked often about from clients in terms of what exactly it is, how it can help, and what kind of issues does it help. I’m going to hopefully address some of that in a very simple way today.

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Easy Stress Management Technique

Hi, I’m Gilles Brideau and I’m a psychotherapist, a life coach that lives in Sudbury, Ontario. I’d like to welcome you to today’s session which will focus on stress management strategies, so how to relieve your stress in 20 minutes or less. That’s what we’re going to be focusing on today, so I’d like to dive right in.

One of the most important things to focus on initially is we want to see how to change or create a different state of mind, especially a negative state of mind. We can look at that as being anger, or sadness, or fear. Whenever we’re in these negatives states of mind and obviously we missed out another one, but it’s not a negative one, it’s this three letter one called joy. Now that’s not one of the ones that we’re going to focus on because if you add that I want you to amplify it and have more of it and not less of it. Today it’s more about those negative states of mind, the states of mind that holds us back.

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