• Is there something missing in your relationship?
  • Are you struggling to connect to feel intimate?
  • Do you feel like you’re always fighting?

Hi, I’m Gilles Brideau and I’m a Psychotherapist, Coach and Hypnotist that lives and works in Sudbury Ontario, Canada.

Understand that many couples go through different points in their life where there areso many different stressors. Sometimes it is a wonderful opportunity with the birth of a child, or moving into another home or to a new home, or getting a promotion. Sometimes it’s more negative events, like death, sickness, or family strife. Know that a relationship with a counselor or a coach could be really beneficial when you’re struggling to find different ways of communicating with one another.

Essentially in my work for the last 23 years, that’s really what I’ve done with clients. Helping them find new ways to connect, mostly through communication. In doing so, what the couples that I’ve worked with have found is they’re able to connect in a different way, in a more intimate way, and in a much quicker way. By looking at what their needs are, and meeting each other’s needs in a great way. In this section you’ll see one of the videos that I have on meeting each other’s needs. As well, the communication piece is really the crux of the work that we do together.

You still may have some questions, like, How would it be different? How is counseling different really than seeing a friend, trusted friend or a family member? A lot of times when we’re dealing with stressors, we have a tendency to look more for allies and allies can actually sometimes, because of the emotions involved, make things worse. In speaking to someone neutral, a lot of times what my clients have found is that it helps them wave through gray areas, without actually taking sides. The other thing that often comes up is, “I wonder if the counselor is going to feel like I’m at fault or I’m the one to blame for the relationship being gone awry.” Usually, what I talk about with that, is that it really takes both. Meaning both parties have to be willing in some respect to make some changes so that they get more of the outcomes that they want.

Now, that’s not to say that I’ve worked with one of the two people involved in a relationship, and have worked to improve that relationship quite significantly. Because, it really matters what we do, or what I do. Finger tips in, is what I control. Finger tips out, is beyond my control. I try my best to help clients realize that the potential for change lies within them, not within the other person. By doing so, it can create a better sense of self, a better sense of empowerment, so whatever decision is made about the relationship, they can not only feel better about their decision and move forward or to separate, but they can also model better behavior for their children. I hope that you will find the information with this section or other sections within my website helpful, and I hope to one day connect with you. I wish you health and wellness in your journey to inner peace. Thank you.